Olympic Sprinters

Marissa’s not an amputee, unless you count an extra thumb she was born with. I don’t. The family and I have been watching the games all week, and despite my irritation with no baseball (because, I guess, not everybody plays it, like, you know, the rash of casual synchronized diving leagues across the world), there are plenty of stories to get inspiration from.

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Aaand, we’re back

A lot has happened in the half-year since last I said hello. We’ve fought medical issues, had more insurance battles (as expected), and Marissa and her brother have grown.

Medical issues, you say? Primarily, Marissa has a new sister! Mia was born on April 26, and she’s growing like a weed. We’re coming up on three months, which is when Marissa started seizing, so I’ve got the same stress I had with Michael.

The new digs? Yeah, Apple’s MobileMe hosting, where Marissasbunny lived before is dead and gone. None of the tools I tried to use to mass-import everything worked (and in most cases, destroyed the wordpress database), so this is what we have, at least for now. Marissasbunny has always been a work in progress, even more so now. I do have all the old posts, and will migrate them (with correct time and date stamps) as my somewhat limited time allow.

I can’t promise daily updates, maybe not even weekly. I feel like I’m juggling flaming chainsaws over here. The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated, though, but perhaps not by much.

Physical therapy for an infant?

As if the seizures weren’t enough, infantile spasms bears with it developmental delays.  A team of three therapists arrived to the house one quiet May day and evaluated my baby for these delays.  Sure, I knew it was always a possibility from my research on infantile spasms, but I was really sticking my head in the sand about it, and making excuses in my own mind.  Babies develop at their own pace, I said.  It doesn’t matter, we love her anyway, I said.

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And So, It Begins

Fairfax is out for delivery at one of my best friends in the world’s current location, Boston, Massachusetts. While I didn’t grow up in Boston, I did grow up in Massachusetts, so this is a homecoming of sorts.


I’ve had some questions over the last few days, so I thought I’d answer them here rather than email individual answers.

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